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Scratch cards are hugely popular and can now be played online. Play now for fun or for real money and scratch off one or more great prizes. We have a large selection of scratch cards so there is something for everyone. Play online scratch cards at Casino Sensation.

Valentine Scratch Cards


A scratch game is a game played with scratch tickets or scratch cards. It is usually a game of chance such as a lottery, but can also be a quiz. A scratch ticket is a bill on which one or more areas are hidden behind an opaque coating, which one must scratch away with a coin or the like. The information that then becomes visible indicates whether one has won or not. The bills are usually made of sturdy paper or light cardboard. Of course, the hidden information must not be discoverable without scratching, for example by holding the bill in front of a powerful light source (some early bills could be “deciphered” by photocopying them). Therefore, the bill is usually coated on one or both sides with a thin metallic film of, for example, aluminum. The “scratch coat” is of a latex-like substance, natural rubber and/or synthetic rubber mixed with pigments such as carbon black (very fine carbon particles) and/or other fillers such as aluminum powder, to make it opaque. It is applied liquidly to the bill and, after drying, forms a hard, non-sticky, well-adhering mask.

The same system is also used to hide pin numbers on bank cards, phone cards and the like. “Instant” games of chance with scratch cards are very popular and come in a wide variety. They have the advantage of instantly seeing whether one has won something; and the chances of winning are relatively high (albeit that most winning tickets fetch very little; usually twice the cost of a ticket). In Belgium, the National Lottery’s first scratch game came out in 1983: Presto. Since then, the National Lottery has released dozens of new scratch games or variations on existing games. Other organizations such as chain stores or daily or weekly newspapers also occasionally come out with a scratch game. Scratch tickets can be used in a quiz, for example, with multiple choice questions: the ticket shows a question and a number of possible answers, one of which is correct. Next to each answer is a scratch zone. As a player, you must scratch away the scratch area next to the answer you believe is correct; which reveals whether that answer was indeed “right” or “wrong.” If your choice was correct, you win. You may only scratch once; a second attempt would invalidate the ticket.

Online scratch cards is an increasingly common phenomenon. The paper version with the aluminum powder coating has been replaced by a graphic display on the screen. A player can pay for these scratch cards online and have the computer scratch them open, after which he can immediately see whether he has earned or won money. An advantage is that the player does not have to go to the store first to buy a scratch card. Online scratch cards have been in high demand in recent years, especially with the emergence of more and more online scratch card providers. Usually, new players are awarded a free bonus so that new players can be introduced to the diversity of online scratch cards.